Manoj Morbaita
Janakpurdham, June 9: The Janmat Party led by Dr. CK Raut has stated that it has not been able to bring expected results in the local level elections due to lack of strong candidates.

The Central Executive Committee of the party has stated that the results of the local election 2079 BS were positive and encouraging but not as expected.

The main reasons for the unpredictable results are the extreme abuse and rigging of state power by the ruling coalition, vote buying and selling under the protection of the police administration, poverty in the society and lack of public awareness.

The party also said that the party was weakened due to lack of strong candidates within the party, weak economic condition and inactivity of the candidates, lack of discipline within the party and sabotage by its own leaders and cadres.

General Secretary Chandan Singh said that the meeting also decided to prepare a blacklist of office bearers, leaders and cadres who would sabotage the party in the local elections. But he also decided to monitor their activities for the next one year, giving them a chance to improve.

Deciding not to abide by the decision of the center, to remain inactive if the decision is not taken according to them, to cooperate and to blacklist the rebellious leaders and cadres, the public opinion has also decided not to give any responsibility to such leaders in future.

The party has decided to send a ‘Central Observer’ for the constituency of the House of Representatives and has made it clear that the district in-charges will carry out the task themselves in the constituencies where the Central Observer has not been appointed.

हाम्रो बारेमा

ताजा र खोजमूलक समाचार, विचार, विश्लेषण र अन्तर्वार्ता निरन्तर सम्प्रेषण गर्दै जानेछ । राष्ट्रियता, लोकतन्त्र, नागरिक अधिकार, सुशासन र प्रेस स्वतन्त्रताका सवालमा कहिल्यै कसैसँग सम्झौता गर्ने छैन ।  अनलाइन पत्रिकाको रुपमा निरन्तर सुचना प्रवाहमा जागरुक रहन्छ ।

हाम्रो समुह

संचालक  : मनोज कुमार मोरबैता
सम्पादक : मनोज बनैता

वरिष्ठ सल्लाहकार : बिपी साह
वरिष्ठ  सल्लाहकार : श्रवण देव

वरिष्ठ  सल्लाहकार : मोहन सिंह
वरिष्ठ  सल्लाहकार  : सन्तोष जादब


श्री मधेश न्यूज नेटवर्क प्रा.लि.

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